KitchenAid x Alemais

KitchenAid x Alemais

Client / KitchenAid

Service / Communications, Production, Event

KitchenAid and Alemais Unveil a Whimsical Stand Mixer Design Celebrating Life and Artistry in the Heart of the Home.

In a captivating world-first design collaboration, KitchenAid has teamed up with the illustrious Australian fashion designer Lesleigh Jermanus and her beloved brand Alemais, to unveil a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer and bowl that transcends mere kitchenware – it’s a work of art that finds its place at the heart of your home.

Imagine summers by the sun-kissed coast, where the days stretch languorously, punctuated by dips in the azure sea, leisurely late lunches, and nights filled with cherished companionship. This vivid tapestry of coastal life has been encapsulated in a design that adorns this extraordinary stand mixer bowl, where pastel hues dance to life as fruit, waves, and a heartfelt love motif.

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From arrival to exit, every single detail was thought out and planned immaculately – Charlotte Ree, Author, Publicist and Cook

Approach / HOW WE DID IT


Over 12 months, the Concierge Agency and team led the entirety of the project from partner research and negotiations, campaign messaging and creative production, KOL partnerships, packaging creative, strategic media pitching and experiential event design and execution.