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Raex Murillo / Photographer

Renowned for his voyeuristic and nostalgic artistic style, Raex seamlessly transitions between capturing raw, evocative moments and embracing the simplicity and refinement of polished, minimalistic projects.

Spaciousness and spontaneity are essential elements of the creative process for Sydney-based photographer Raex. To Raex, these elements are not just artistic principles; they are the lifeblood of his work. He believes that true beauty often lies in the imperfections—the candid moments, the unscripted surprises, and the subtle nuances that come to life when one reads between the lines of a photograph.

“Imperfection – whether it be a flick of the hair from the wind or capturing my subject by surprise – much like reading between the lines, can create the perfect image,” he says. “Captivating faces who can transcend the vivid illustration of a great photograph are my favourite subjects to capture.” Known for his voyeuristic, nostalgic aesthetic, Raex is equally at ease tackling polished, pared back projects. “I am a versatile photographer. I adapt very easily to any style, or brief a client hands me.”

On set, striking the perfect balance between creativity and clarity sets the scene for artistic success. “Briefs with a clear direction that can maintain a certain level of creative spontaneity – both studio and location – are my favourite kind to work on,” he muses. “My favourite clients would have to be those that understand what goes into a great shoot and are willing to allow creativity to flourish. I’ve been lucky enough in my career to have found many who do and who keep me inspired to create better and better work each time.”


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