Fleur Egan

Fleur Egan / Stylist

Step into the captivating world of Fleur Egan and experience a unique fusion of elegance and innovation where every outfit is a masterpiece and fashion is a boundless expression of individuality.

British born fashion stylist and presenter, now dazzling from Sydney Australia, Fleur’s styling prowess has graced the pages of Vogue, Grazia and Marie Claire, while her creative direction has adorned celebrities of the likes of Rita Ora and Zara Larsson.

Fleur’s innate ability to seamlessly blend trends with timeless elegance shines in each of works with a natural flair for understanding the nuances of style, she has become a trusted authority in the fashion realm. Her knack of creating unforgettable looks, be that in print or on the streets, sets her apart as a true visionary. Through her appearances as a fashion reporter and collaborations with industry giants, Fleur continues to push boundaries and inspire fashion enthusiasts woldwide.

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Frances Mocnik

Frances Mocnik / Stylist

Enter the world of Frances Mocnik, where photography and styling converge to redefine visual storytelling. As Objects Editor at the prestigious Australian Financial Review and a versatile contributor to Good Weekend Magazine, Mocnik effortlessly navigates the intersection of photography and styling, showcasing her unique interpretation of objects, sculptural form, and visual storytelling. Beyond the glossy pages, Mocnik’s influence transcends borders, with exhibitions in New York and St. Petersburg, Russia, solidifying her global artistic footprint.

Her unwavering dedication, keen eye for detail, and innate ability to animate static objects sets her apart. This ability to infuse meaning into visual composition positions her as a driving force in the creative industries. In every frame, she not only captures still life but imbues it with a sense of intrigue and wonderment that resonates with every audience.