Harry Hayes

Harry Hayes / Photographer, Videographer

In a world of visual storytelling, Harry Hayes has an innate talent for capturing the beauty of life.

Harry has quickly garnered attention for his signature style in both stills and motion, characterised by his ability to engage a viewer’s sense of imagination.

Harry continually evolves and redefines the art of photography and videography, enchanting us all with his unique vision. His artistic talent is a testament to his boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to generating art of high taste and value.


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Chris Konesky

Chris Konesky / cinematographer, Videographer

Chris is an inimitable multifaceted director of photography and cinematographer, applauded for his production of film that tell mesmerising stories. While covering a broad spectrum of clients and themes, every piece is connected with passion, creativity, and attention to detail.

Chris’ videos inspire and connect, captivating and appealing to a diverse audience. He is a storyteller with a meticulous eye, having worked with the likes of Mustang, Superga, Givenchy, Dr LeWinn’s, A’Kin, Sportscraft and publications such as Instyle Magazine to name a few.