A’kin → Master Brand Reboot Campaign

Client / A'kin

Service / Creative Production

Approach / HOW WE DID IT


A’kin, a brand committed to harnessing the power of nature for effective skincare, underwent a significant relaunch with new branding, packaging, and a refined product range focusing on haircare and deodorants. The relaunch aimed to communicate A’kin’s unique selling points of being Australian Made, harnessing powerful botanicals, and delivering proven results.


Campaign Objectives:

Introduce A’kin’s new brand identity and product range to the market.

Emphasize the brand’s commitment to Australian-made products and potent botanical ingredients.

Increase sales and establish A’kin as a top contender in the haircare and deodorant market.


Creative Execution:

Three-Day Stills and Motion Shoot:

The campaign spanned three days, featuring a combination of stills and motion content to be used across various platforms. Days 1 and 2 focused on capturing the diversity of healthy hair types and botanicals in a studio setting, highlighting the natural essence of A’kin’s products. Day 3 focused on creating a suite of creative e-commerce images showcasing the new packaging and product textures. These images complemented the lifestyle imagery and provided a comprehensive view of the products.


Multi-Platform Deployment:

The content was strategically deployed across Out of Home billboards, the brand’s website, social media platforms, and advertising on media partner websites. Each piece of content reinforced A’kin’s key differentiators: being Australian Made, utilising powerful botanicals, and delivering proven results. The visuals showcased the natural beauty of healthy hair and the botanical ingredients, aligning with the brand’s commitment to purity.



The relaunch campaign contributed to a substantial increase in sales across the haircare and deodorant product categories in the first quarter. A’kin secured a position in the top 10 of New Product Development (NPD) with national retailers, indicating the successful market reception of the relaunch. The brand’s messaging and visuals effectively communicated the unique selling points, resonating with both existing and new customers.



A’kin’s relaunch campaign achieved its objectives by effectively communicating the brand’s commitment to Australian-made, powerful botanicals, and proven results. The combination of stills and motion content allowed for a comprehensive visual presentation of the new product range, contributing to increased sales and market recognition.