Dr Lewinns → Vegan Inner Beauty Campaign Launch

Client / Dr Lewinn's

Service / Creative Production

Approach / HOW WE DID IT


Dr LeWinn’s, a renowned skincare brand, approached us to create a compelling and innovative campaign for the launch of their groundbreaking Vegan Inner Beauty Range. This new range aimed to revolutionise skincare by offering a customisable daily collagen solution to support skin health from the inside out. The Vegan Inner Beauty Range featured both liquid shots and powder formats, available in a variety of flavours for a convenient and enjoyable addition to daily beauty routines.


Campaign Objectives:

Showcase the customisation and convenience of Dr. LeWinn’s Inner Beauty Range.

Emphasise the ease of incorporating collagen into a woman’s daily activities.

Create visually appealing content for both online and offline marketing channels.


Creative Execution:

Day in the Life Location Shoot:

We conceptualised and executed a dynamic “Day in the Life” location shoot that followed a woman through her daily activities. The shoot captured key moments such as the protagonist at work, running errands, enjoying a coffee or smoothie, and practicing yoga, emphasising the seamless integration of Dr. LeWinn’s Inner Beauty Range into her routine. The visual narrative highlighted the product’s versatility and adaptability to various lifestyles.

Product Focus Studio Shoot:

To complement the lifestyle story, we produced a product-focused studio campaign. Aesthetically styled images showcased the Inner Beauty Range in a studio setting, reinforcing the day-to-day scenarios from the location shoot. Still life imagery was carefully crafted to emphasise the product’s details, flavours, and the overall sensorial experience, enhancing the visual appeal for online and offline promotional materials.



The campaign generated significant buzz on social media platforms, with an increase in brand engagement and user interactions. Dr LeWinn’s Vegan Inner Beauty Range gained visibility as a unique and convenient solution in the skincare market. The combination of the lifestyle and studio campaigns provided a holistic and comprehensive representation of the product, resonating well with the target audience.


Conclusion: The launch campaign successfully positioned Dr LeWinn’s Vegan Inner Beauty Range as a pioneer in the skincare industry, offering a customisable and convenient approach to daily collagen intake. The combination of the “Day in the Life” location shoot and the Product Focus studio shoot effectively communicated the product’s versatility, making it an integral part of a woman’s everyday beauty routine. The campaign not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, contributing to the success of the product’s market debut.