dr.NC → Face and Body Campaign

Client / dr.NC

Service / Creative Production

Approach / HOW WE DID IT


Dr. Natasha Cook, renowned dermatologist and skincare expert, has developed a line of results-driven skincare products under the brand name drNC. Dr. Cook’s philosophy revolves around achieving healthy, youthful, high functioning skin based on science-backed formulations. The creative vision involves using models of various ethnicities and skin tones to convey inclusivity and diversity as dr.NC is the universal skincare for all skin types.


Campaign Objectives:

Demonstrate the ease of integrating drNC products into a daily skincare routine

Position Dr Natasha Cook as a leading dermatologist with face and body products suitable to all skin types

Create visually appealing content for both online and offline marketing channels.



The final images captured the essence of drNC’s results-based skincare philosophy, conveying a sense of elegance, beauty, and sophistication.

The diverse representation of models resonated with consumers, fostering a sense of inclusivity and accessibility.

The imagery generated from the shoot was successfully utilised in various marketing campaigns, driving brand awareness and engagement within the target audience.