Jurlique → Aromatherapy Self Care Campaign

Client / Jurlique

Service / Creative Production

Approach / HOW WE DID IT


Jurlique, a renowned Australian beauty brand committed to harnessing the power of nature to create potent and pure skincare, sought to elevate its brand by offering a unique and exclusive content series.


Campaign Objectives:

Establish Jurlique as a holistic wellness brand beyond skincare.

Collaborate with five wellness experts to provide customers with valuable self-care insights.

Showcase the compatibility of Jurlique’s aromatherapy range with various aspects of wellness.


Creative Execution:

Two-Day Stills and Motion Shoot:

We orchestrated a comprehensive two-day stills and motion shoot, featuring interviews with five prominent wellness experts. The experts included a sleep specialist, a digital content creator, a nutritionist, a mindset coach, and a plant expert, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on holistic wellness. The visuals captured intimate moments of the interviews, providing a genuine and personal connection between the experts and the audience.



The Self Care Ritual series generated significant engagement across various digital platforms, expanding Jurlique’s audience reach. Jurlique has successfully transitioned from being solely a skincare brand to a holistic wellness brand, resonating with customers seeking a well-rounded approach to self-care.



The collaboration with five wellness experts through this series positioned Jurlique as a leader in the holistic wellness space. The two-day stills and motion shoot effectively communicated the brand’s commitment to nourishing the mind, body, and soul. By integrating Jurlique’s aromatherapy range into the self-care insights shared by the experts, the campaign provided customers with a tangible and meaningful way to enhance their well-being.