Oz Hair & Beauty → Brand Awareness Campaign & Website Update

Client / Oz Hair & Beauty

Service / Creative Production

Approach / HOW WE DID IT


Oz Hair & Beauty, a leading retailer in the Australian beauty industry, approached us to create a comprehensive campaign that would position them as the go-to destination for hair and beauty brands. The goal was to showcase the diversity of their product offerings and emphasise their commitment to catering to all hair and skin types.


Campaign Objectives:

Establish Oz Hair & Beauty as Australia’s premier destination for a wide range of hair and beauty brands.

Showcase diversity in hair and skin types through a dynamic and engaging location shoot.

Create visually striking e-commerce images to enhance the online shopping experience.


Creative Execution:

Two-Day Campaign Shoot:

The shoot shot on location and in studio, featured a diverse array of models, each representing different hair and skin types. Bright, pop colors in styling were employed to align with the vibrant personality of the Oz Hair & Beauty brand. The campaign aimed to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, reinforcing Oz Hair & Beauty’s commitment to catering to the unique needs of all customer.

Studio Shoot – Creative E-Comm Suite:

In the studio, we focused on creating a captivating e-commerce suite of images for the website. Custom plinths were built using the brand’s graphic devices and colour palette, providing a consistent and visually appealing backdrop for the products. The studio shoot showcased a variety of hair and beauty products, effectively highlighting shopping categories across the website and encouraging a seamless online shopping experience.



The campaign garnered attention across social media platforms, driving increased brand awareness and engagement. Oz Hair & Beauty was successfully positioned as Australia’s ultimate destination for a wide range of hair and beauty brands, catering to diverse customer needs. The e-commerce images contributed to a more visually appealing and user-friendly website, resulting in improved online customer interactions and conversions.



The three-day campaign successfully elevated Oz Hair & Beauty’s brand image, emphasising its commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. The combination of the location shoot, featuring models with various hair and skin types, and the studio shoot, producing a creative e-commerce suite, effectively communicated the brand’s personality and product range. As a result, Oz Hair & Beauty solidified its position as the leading destination for hair and beauty enthusiasts in Australia.